Vast is Vornheim, The Grey Maze its towered alleys sprawling through the winds of the polar plain like a long-spined insect frozen in time.

Most of the residents of Vornheim are human, though elves are common – particularly the long-haired, sharp-fanged white elves of the north – and dwarves are not unknown. The city is landlocked, and shipping comes in from the River of Unfathomable Despair through miles of underground tunnels. The typical Vornheim vista is equal parts snow and stone. The streets are narrow, and the basic unit of building is the stone tower.

Vornheim is protected by two walls, one circling Inner Vornheim, and another girdling the outskirts of the city. Remains of ancient walls are scattered throughout the city.

There are thousands of Guilds in Vornheim, but few are organized or powerful enough to wield influence through-out the entire city. Associations and small conspiracies metastasize and meld throughout Vornheim like shadows in torchlight, making it difficult, in the interlinked enormity, to clearly divide one from the next.

A number of bridges have been built to facilitate movement between the city’s towers. Many are fully or partially covered to protect travelers from the wind. Many also contain stone pipes allowing them to function as aqueducts – melting snow is caught in the collars around the towers’ pointed domes and channelled to provide water to the lower echelons of the city.

Though the armament laws are unevenly enforced from neighborhood to neighborhood, openly carrying most weapons is illegal for anyone other than city guards, militiamen, etc. Nobles may carry daggers and rapiers.

There are a number of sumptuary laws preventing citizens of low station from wearing ostentatious fashions such as pointed shoes and flamboyant hats.

The Palace Massive once was home to wise Lord Thrawl, but his current whereabouts are mysterious. A series of regents and administrators vie for power in his absence, while all good people pray for his return. The palace’s consultation chamber contains 7 magic mirrors, which allow leaders to consult 7 sides of themselves. A spore-filled murk coats the moat.

The Church of Vorn– Grim Gaunt God of Iron, Rust and Rain – is the most powerful in Vornheim. Its seat is the Eminent Cathedral.

The Church of Tittivilla– the Horned Queen, Goddess of All Flesh – once built its temples inside the living bodies of Sacred Beasts (colossal goat-like creatures) – but, so far as anyone knows, none remain. The church still operates out of ordinary buildings all over the continent.

Vosculous Eeeben is the current Duke Regent of Vornheim.

A typical Vornheim tower.


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